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Where to live in Sheffield

Sheffield is a very popular city with students. Thinking of coming to university in Sheffield? We've got some of best inside info on where you should live in Sheffield.

The Artful Lodger has found the best student accommodation that's available in Sheffield. Take a look at what he's got to offer here, including student houses and flats in popular areas such as Bramall, Broomhall, Broomhill, Crookes, Crookesmoor, Ecclesall, Hunter's Bar, Nether Edge, Sharrow, Sheffield City Centre, and Walkley.

Sheffield City Centre
Has everything you'd expect from the centre of the country's fourth largest city, which is also home to two major universities, but is one of those places that you need to know where something is, or you're just not going to find it. Pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and shops aplenty; once you become familiar with the city centre you'll be hard pushed to think of something it lacks. The strong student presence is apparent as soon as you step off the train and are greeted by the Hallam Union. Because of the City Campus location, many Hallam students opt to live in or close to the city centre, where rents can vary.
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Ecclesall Road & Hunter's Bar
Probably the most attractive of all the studenty areas. With its trendy array of pubs, shops, restaurants, coffee bars and bagel shops, Ecclesall Road wouldn't look out of place in one of the nicer parts of London! Plenty of greenery too: Endcliffe Park is popular for a jog or a kick-around, and towards the end of the summer term the Botanical Gardens is heaving with students revising over a picnic and a crate of beer! 'Eccy Road' is especially popular with Hallam students as it is home to the University's attractive Collegiate Campus.
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Yes I know you struggle to find anywhere flat in Sheffield, but Crookes really does take the biscuit! I can't emphasise enough that to live there you have to enjoy exercise - it is, after all, at the top of a bloody mountain! Having said that, you keep fit without really trying! It's a good place to live, though, with the essentials located on one main road and has a good mix of locals and students, particularly 2nd and 3rd years at Sheffield Uni.
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Broomhill is student heaven. Shops, pubs, takeaways, all on your doorstep. Broomhill is very popular with University of Sheffield students due to it's close proximity to the Information Commons, Students' Union and Octagon Centre, but it's not too far out for Sheffield Hallam students either. Both City Campus and Collegiate Campus are within easy walking distance. If you do move to Broomhill be sure to visit Balti King; a Sheffield late night curry classic!! Rents are slightly higher in Broomhill than in Crookes and Commonside because Broomhill is closer to the city centre but they're by no way astronomical.
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Crookesmoor and Commonside
Crookesmoor and Commonside link Walkley and the City Centre together. It's jam packed full of pubs, mini-super markets, health food shops and lots of student housing. Crookesmoor and Commonside are popular with Shefield University students and ... doctors and nurses! (It's close to the hospital)
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Broomhall is right next door to Sheffield University so you can literally fall out of bed and into your lecture! (Ace!) Broomhall is also as close to the city centre as you can get without actually living in the city centre. There aren't loads of shops and bars in Broomhall but there is the odd convenience store dotted around for the essentials. However, Broomhall is so close to Sheffield city centre that it doesn't matter. Sheffield Students' Union is also just a stone's throw away.
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Shoreham Street and Brammal Lane.
Shoreham Street is home to lots of Sheffield Hallam University students due to it's proximity to City Campus. Not as many shops and bars on your doorstep a 2 minute bus ride and you're in the thick of it! Hey at least living on Shoreham Street you can get some work done if you want!!
If you're a Sheffield United fan then you will already be familiar with Brammal Lane and the carnival atmosphere that is created on match days. Brammal Lane is inbetween Shoreham Street and London Road shops and restaurants. 

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