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It can sometimes feel like Walkley has its own weather system, poised on a steep hill in north-west Sheffield – the higher you climb, the colder it gets! But the loss in degrees celsius is more than compensated for by the stunning views out towards the Peak District.
Walkley falls in the S6 area code and is popular with students due to its close proximity to the University, but is more affordable than the nearby student hotspots of Crookes and Broomhill. Walkley’s steep slopes are packed with red-brick Victorian terraces and a few older stone terraces. Some are fortunately situated to enjoy Walkley’s wonderful views. There are also a handful of 1930s semis and some more modern flats to be found. Though still popular with students, the properties in Walkley typically have two or three bedrooms which do not cater for larger groups of students as properties in neighbouring Crookes do. For this reason, Walkley is a quieter area than Crookes and also cheaper, particularly for first time buyers.

Walkley is conveniently placed for access to the city centre and the University, which is within easy walking distance. If you don’t feel like braving the climb home, buses 31, 94, 95, 123, 201, 795 and 52 all run through the area. The double parked roads can be a bit of a problem and the traffic along South Road can get busy.

South Road has a cluster of shops and facilities including a newsagent, Bargain Booze, Townsend Gardens florist, Gecko Coffee & Internet Cafe and Netto. For other supermarkets there is a Morrisons in neighbouring Hillsborough, Somerfield in Broomhill and Co-op in Crookes.
Walkley is a little lacking in green space but Ruskin Park, Crookes Valley Park and Weston Park are not too far away and the Rivelin Valley and Peak District are but a short drive. The Walkley Community Forum brings the community together and is very active in organising the annual Walkley Festival. The Sheffield Buddhist Centre is based in Walkley and acts as another important focal point for community activity.

Walkley’s takeaways and cafes seem to be in competition with each other to come up with the silliest name. The contenders are the Perfect Pie Café, Planet Pizza, Handi House Curries, Codrophenia Fish & Chips and finally Wok This Way. The Artful vote goes to Codrophenia which, incidentally, offers vegetarian and vegan options. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to pubs in Walkley. Try the Freedom House, Closed Shop, the Florist, Hallamshire House or the mighty fine Walkley Cottage Inn. All this as well as the marvellous Dram Shop off license on Commonside.