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Student Accommodation Sheffield

Student Houses, Flats, Housing and Rental Properties in Sheffield

Sheffield, one of the country's most popular student destinations, has two universities with over 40,000 students, making student accommodation Sheffield a very sought after commodity. The city is student friendly and convenient as most places are within walking distance of the University, city centre and student housing and accommodation. With a large international and multi-cultural society, people are attracted by the legendary student scene, clubs and bars, live music and theatre.

Sheffield is an exhilarating place to spend your student years and being a student can involve some of the most memorable and enriching years of your life involving academic achievement, exciting new experiences and forming new friendships. It can also be challenging as you adapt to your new surroundings and find your way around. Dealing with accommodation issues can be quite daunting and choosing the right place to live and the perfect student accommodation in Sheffield for your needs can be a difficult task.

Student accommodation Sheffield offers up a number of student property choices with many students deciding to live in halls of residence for their first year, mainly for convenience as university facilities are nearby and if this is their first time away from home it can be the best option if you are unfamilier with the private accommodation market . However, halls aren’t for everyone as they tend to be noisy and you have to share the facilities with a number of people, so have a look around at off-campus accommodation before making any big decisions. Try looking in a number of places such as the university accommodation offices and notice boards, accommodation websites and letting agents, local newspapers and even ask around for advice.

As with most other major academic centres Sheffield has a choice of private student rental accommodation, from, shared student houses and flats, student apartments, individual rooms and bedsits. Students can rent a room within a house on an individual basis or share the house and responsibility of renting with others. Normally student houses will split the cost of paying gas and electricity bills. A bedsit is one room furnished as a living/bedroom with cooking facilities either in the room or in a separate kitchen.

Bathroom and toilet will be communal. Another option, but more expensive, are student apartments.  These are usually apartment blocks built especially for students; they can be anything from studio flats to 6 bedrooms with facilities to attract the student population, e.g. broadband access, en-suite bathrooms. There will be extra service charges to pay towards the maintenance of shared areas and refuse collection.

When looking for student accommodation Sheffield has 3 main student hotspots in the city. With student halls of residence in the city centre, many 2nd and 3rd year students choose to live here as the night life is practically on the doorstep. Ecclesall, dubbed the golden mile, is full of bars and pubs, restaurants and shops and houses a large number of students; with residence for Sheffield Hallam University just behind the main road, students like the area for its lively atmosphere and proximity to the city centre. Prices can be a little cheaper in the area of Broomhill and Crookes as they are further away from town but buses are frequent and there are lots of facilities and shops nearby.

The student scene in Sheffield is well known and one of the deciding factors for students when choosing Sheffield for their further education. There are a huge number of clubs and bars and Sheffield’s live music scene is a magnet for new indie bands as well as popular music bands. The city is developing and expanding each year with the opening up of new bars and restaurants to accommodate the number of students arriving into the city.

A good place to start hunting for Sheffield student accommodation is of course the Artful Lodger property website, Sheffields leading housing and student accommodation portal . This will give you an idea on the types of accommodation available and price ranges as well as an overview of the student areas and a guide designed to help students find their way round the city.