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Simple Ways to Attract Tenants to Your Buy-To-Let Property

Posted on Monday, 27 January 2014 09:51PM by Artful Lodger
The rented property market is looking increasingly healthy in recent years, and letting out a property to one or multiple tenants is an excellent way of supplementing your income. The right tenants are easy to deal with and will leave your property just the way they found it, but finding those renters can be a tricky task. The best way to attract responsible tenants is to offer them a property they can be proud of. Read on for some simple tips for getting your buy-to-let property into optimum shape.

Use Colour Wisely

Every buy-to-let guide will tell you to keep the colours of your property neutral, but painting every wall magnolia isn’t the answer. To attract tenants, go for soft, comforting colours in bedrooms and living areas. Avoid anything that looks clinical and cold, and only use white for bathrooms and ceilings, if possible. Creams, ivories, pale lilacs and duck egg blues are versatile choices that will prevent your property looking like an institutional space. Even pinks can make a property seem more inviting and cheerful. While you’ve got the paints out, don’t forget to give skirting boards and window frames a fresh coat.

Serious Storage Space
Make sure your potential tenants have plenty of space to store books, music collections and ornaments by investing in shelving. Space for storage can be very tight in rented properties, so look into alternative shelving options and determine whether you can do this work yourself. For any DIY work that requires the use of power tools, make sure you’re using a reputable brand and that your equipment has been properly serviced. Cordless power tools are available from retailers like the Anglia Tool Centre .

Flooring Decisions
Carpets in rented properties often need replacing more quickly than any other major furnishing. They tend to become shabby and discoloured quickly, particularly if your tenants wear shoes inside the house. There’s no hard and fast rule about not having a carpet in a rented property, but make sure you have a professional carpet cleaner in between tenancies and refrain from carpeting in wet rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. This won’t be particularly cost effective if you’re aiming for shorter letting periods. Laminate floored will be a cleaner option that can easily be wiped down and is fairly long lasting. It also looks quite stylish and can make rooms appear larger, perfect for when you’re showing potential tenants around the property.