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Sheffield Education

Education is very important to the city, and thanks to two prestigious universities and Further Education facilities the city of Sheffield is seeing a large investment in research and development, securing Sheffield's future. Both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University attract many top specialists in their field to the area that in turn attracts industry and employment to the area. Education in the area begins with fantastic Nursery and Infants School facilities that give children a great start to education. Places in many nursery schools are highly sought after; a reflection on the high quality of nursery schools in Sheffield. The city caters for thousands of primary school children at a large variety of primary schools that support different beliefs as well as non denominational schools.

We also benefit from many independent schools that are very highly rated. These produce excellent results and have close ties with further education establishments and businesses. Sheffield has a host of secondary schools that provide a great education for their pupils and cater for many of their needs. Several secondary schools also boast superb after school and extra curricular facilities to introduce many different activities to their pupils. Sheffield children are also supported by several special schools that are dedicated to helping children with additional needs. The Special Schools cater for all levels of disability and learning difficulties, and provide varying levels of care such as day care and residential care. Use the Artful Lodger Sheffield to find out information on Sheffield Education.