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Sheffield: City of Steel

Posted on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 08:07PM by Artful Lodger
Sheffield is a fantastic up and coming city with a wealth of attractions and features all bursting at the seams for attention. From the newly developed concourse outside the train station to the burgeoning Arts and Cultural sector flourishing due in part to the two established and successful universities the city boosts. There is so much on offer here so it is understandable that students, young professionals and families alike are flocking to Sheffield in droves.

If you’re looking at making the move to the city of steel then what should you be looking out for?

Trending Areas

Sheffield as a whole is going through a massive period of redevelopment and regeneration and as such there are many new housing projects and developments to consider. Despite this the city is still quite fragmented and as such there are clear pockets of social deprivation and areas that you might wish to avoid . The best areas to live are all concentrated to the South West of the city with the most affluent areas being in the very South. Particularly trendy right now are Broomhill and Intake with forums buzzing of their up and coming nature, value house prices and bustling high streets.


Once you have picked your area, ensure that you have the appropriate finances in place to ensure an easy sale, purchase or let. A good place to start looking at finances is Rite Mortgages who can secure mortgages from all of the major high street lenders enabling you to compare a whole range of options in one easy place.  Be sure that you have made the right choice area wise by comparing the stats on forums and data websites that compare all sorts of area features from crime statistics to school performances.

Leisure Time

And as soon as all of the hard work is done and you are freshly installed in this new-to-you city, take some time to explore the richness and diversity of the city itself and its inhabitants. From the theatres and old cinemas to botanical gardens parks and nature trails and from national galleries and museums to bustling bars and world class restaurants; Sheffield really is a Northern city to rival the bustle and excitement evoked in the big smoke. So now you’re here, enjoy this city amidst its revival and boast to your friends down South about your spare room and garden.