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Sheffield City Information

The city of Sheffield is thriving and vibrant and packed to the brim with culture and activities. The city of Sheffield has a reputation for culture in particular that is growing very quickly with just under 10% of the population being employed in creative industries, above the national average of 4%. The area is also home to the largest theatre complex outside of London and has spawned many music acts, television shows, actors and other creative specialists. The city of Sheffield has created a number of very well known bands and musicians including Human League, Moloko, Pulp, Def Leppard, Gomez and many others. The area is known for both it's production of dance and techno oriented music and also a large indie-pop community. Although the city of Sheffield has no philharmonic orchestra classical music is still very popoular in the location, there are still a number of world reknowned orchestras, choirs and composers.

The city contains a large number of attractions including the Tudor Square (the largest theatre outside of London), Millennium Galleries, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield City Winter Gardens, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet and Shepherd Wheel. The canalside leisure complex and office quarter of Victoria Quays is also very popular with many visitors. A number of television shows and films have been set in the city of Sheffield including The Full Monty, the 1984 apocalyptic drama Threads, and Whatever Happened to Harold Smith. Sean Bean is proud of his Sheffield heritage and Michael Palin hails from the city of Sheffield as well. With two universities the area is always seeing an influx of new talent.