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Sheffield Area Guide

Location location location! We've all heard the mantra before, and with the UK's property market it has never been more relevant. The area around Sheffield is some of the most geographically diverse in the country, and within Sheffield itself there are a number of districts and areas all of which currently have a large number of properties for sale. The Sheffield area historically was always divided up into six townships, and in 1832 the townships in the area formed the basis of the new Borough constituency of Sheffield. This ultimately became what we now know as the city, in 1885 the area was split into five divisions, and due to urban sprawl and growth new constituent parts were added in 1918 when the cities boundaries were extended.

The current Sheffield area is divided into twenty-eight electoral wards that puts the number of voters per ward and roughly 13,000. The population in the Sheffield area has grown almost consistently in the last 100 years, in 1801 the census reported 60,095 souls living in the location, the 2001 census reported 513, 234 people. The economy is currently in the middle of a revival and it is considered the fastest growing city outside of London for commercial ventures.