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Pursuing Long Term Investment Opportunities: How to Maximize your Returns as a Landlord

Posted on Tuesday, 10 June 2014 09:44AM by Artful Lodger
In 2013, a HSBC report revealed that the world was in the grip of pension’s crisis , with the vast majority of citizens in a number of developed economies failing to save the necessary capital to fund their retirement. Even as the economy has improved, citizens are still finding it increasingly difficult to maximize their disposable income and prepare for their life after work. This challenge can be particularly problematic for private landlords, especially when you consider the precarious and volatile nature of the employment market.

Appraising your Options and Maximising Returns as a Landlord

With this in mind, landlords should strive to review their portfolio regularly and seek out proactive ways of maximising their returns. Consider the following: -

Place your Money into Investment Savings Accounts

If you are not blessed with a significant amount of disposable income then you are unlikely to place all of your capital into real estate, which means that investment savings accounts may be ideal for you. Offered by leading national banks, these accounts allow you to commit your hard earned money which is then invested by leading financial professionals. The returns are variable, but the important thing to remember is that you can begin to generate more substantial and consistent returns without committing all of your cash into property.

Invest in Adequate Insurance Coverage

As a private landlord, it is imperative that you invest in affordable and adequate insurance coverage. The financial product that you need is not standard home or contents insurance, however, but something that protects the structure of the property and its foundations. Resources such as Internet Insurance Services Ltd can help you to identify a customized policy to suit your needs, and one that helps you to safeguard your investment while also affording you an opportunity to save money. The latter point is exactly important, as this will have an influence on your bottom line profit.

Diversify into International Markets

At present the UK property market is booming, but the evidence suggests that this growth is built on relatively unstable foundations. With a bubble forming and prices soaring to unmanageable levels, the stage could be set for a sudden and dramatic decline. For landlords whose portfolio consists of solely British properties, this could trigger a significant loss of capital and even bankruptcy. To avoid this and help maximize returns, landlords should consider diversifying their portfolio and branching into alternative, international markets