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In today’s competitive lettings market it is important to stand out from the crowd. Here at Artful we like to think we’re down with the kids (!) and know a little about modern marketing techniques. Artful Lodger is now much more than just Sheffield No.1 property search site. We now offer off-line marketing tools to compliment our website, such as large portable advertising trailers and Bluetooth messaging, and we also offer marketing consultancy. Need help setting up your Facebook or Twitter account? We can help!
These marketing tools can be used to promote your business or your properties, or if you are an agent, they can be used to promote your services to Sheffield landlords to grow your business.
Have you ever used Bluetooth on your mobile phone? We can now send out flyers, adverts, videos or contact details via Bluetooth to mobile phones on your behalf. Unlike traditional hand to hand flyering, they’re environmentally friendly (no trees were harmed during the making of this page) and you only send to people who want your flyer (people opt in or out of receiving the message), so no wasted messages at all! Our Bluetooth devices are portable so we can send your Bluetooth flyers out where ever you want; your shop front, in the city centre, Eccy Road, you name it we will do it! Prices start at £100 for a week's usage and that includes advert design, get in touch for more info.

Facebook and Twitter
Love them or hate them, social networking sites and on-line forums are used by nearly everyone to some extent, with 80% of under 30’s already networking online, and the age group 50+ being the highest growth area. If used correctly social media can be a powerful marketing tool for your own business: As a means to drive new traffic to your own website, sell your products or services to new customers, create brand awareness or even create a community of interest for your product or business.
They can also be very time consuming and that’s where Artful Lodger comes in to help! We have two levels of package that allow your business to set up your desired social network accounts and be trained to learn the key essentials to running your own successful Facebook, Twitter or Youtube account.

Core Package - £399 + VAT.
Artful Lodger will meet with your staff member(s) to work out your key target markets and what goals are to be achieved through your new Facebook and Twitter accounts. Artful Lodger then sets up a Twitter account and a Facebook account on your behalf and once the accounts are up and running, Artful Lodger does in-house training with your staff to teach how the social networking sites are to be used to your company’s advantage.
Artful Lodger will get 50 relevant “friends” or “followers” for each account so that your company has a solid base to start social networking with.
Ongoing telephone support is included from Artful Lodger should you need any assistance or advice throughout the year.  However if additional training visits are required then our Top Up Package below is available.

Top Up Package - £199 + VAT per additional training sessions.
With some businesses Artful Lodger has found that a second (or third) training session is required a few months down the line in order to refresh staff on best practise and erase any teething problems that may have arisen. Or if a new member of staff has joined your team it may be beneficial for Artful Lodger to redo a Facebook and Twitter training session.
The Top Up Package can be booked at any time after the Core Package has been completed, as and when you require additional support and training.

Get in touch for more info.  
Word of Mouth
We all know that referrals and word of mouth are the best ways of getting new tenants. Well, some clever bods at Artful Lodger have come up with a way of harnessing this elusive beast. I don’t want to give too much away here, so get in touch for more info.

Advertising Hoardings
Ok, I admit, they’re not exactly a cutting edge new marketing technique but a bloody big poster is a sure fire way of drumming up new business, especially if combined with one of the marketing techniques above.  The usual problem with a bloody big poster is the bloody big cost associated with them...but not for Artful Lodger customers! You get exclusive access to Artful’s fleet of advertising trailers. Each trailer consists of two 6’ x 5’ poster boards. They can be towed around the city or strategically parked up to give you big brand awareness at small scale cost. Trailer hire starts at just £100 + VAT and that even includes a driver to take it to your desired location! Get in touch for more info.


Text to Shortcode Service for Letting Boards
It sounds complicated but it's very straight forward. Artful Lodger provides you with stickers for your letting boards, like the sticker above. The potential tenant, when passing your house, texts the code to the number and instantly receives that property's information direct to their mobile; all for the price of one standard text message.
You then receive an email detailing the time of the enquiry, the property it was regarding and the person's mobile number so that you can call the potential tenant if they don't contact you.
It can be used for as many or as few properties as you wish.
Just £6 per property.
Get in touch for more info.

Vehicle Branding
Have you always wanted a fleet of company cars but just can't justify the expenditure? Well unfortunately we can't provide you with a fleet of company cars but we have the next best thing! Artful Lodger will brand several Sheffield cars with your logo, giving the appearance of a fleet of cars along with the massive advertising exposure of having your advert seen by 1000's of Sheffield motorists. Get in touch for more information.

Artful Lodger has a huge data base of Artful Users (potential tenants) and Artful Agents (landlords and agents who advertise on the site).  We send out bi monthly newsletters to each of these groups.  As well as being packed full of competitions and information, they are also an excellent opportunity for landlords and agents to push their properties to either potential tenants or, if you are an agent, to potential landlords. So, if you have the odd problem property which needs an extra push or if you are a letting and management company looking for extra landlords and properties then an Artful e-newsletter is the way to go! Prices start at £30 per edition or can be included as part of an Artful Lodger Agents package. Get in touch for more info.

Promotional Staff and Other Stuff
As well as the funky stuff above we also can do flyer runs across 100's of Sheffield businesses, QR Code competitions and we also have a team of trusted promotional staff. These staff can hand out your promotional literature or help you out at any events that you attend and need extra staff for. Artful Lodger also can advise and help with any advert design you may be doing for printed publications within the city so that your advert is most effective. At the end of the day, Artful Lodger is here to get you and your properties the most number of enquiries, whether that be through our website or through other means.  

The above marketing tools and others are only available to Artful Lodger customers. The higher the level of agent package you are on, the lower the cost of using these tools. Contact  enquiries@artfullodger.co.uk for more information.