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New Roots

New Roots
New Roots sells vegetarian & vegan snacks, wholefoods, fruit & veg, organics, Fair Trade... and a few other special things as well. We are a volunteer run, non-profit organisation.

We are here:

Near the University:

347 Glossop Rd,
Sheffield S10 2HP

(0114) 272 1971


9am - 6pm monday-friday,

10am- 2pm saturday (september to july), closed august.

and here:

In Burngreave
(includes Cafe):

86 Spital Hill,
Sheffield S4 7LG.

(0114) 270 0972


12pm - 3pm tuesday - friday

contact us:

drop into one of the shops, or call us, or email us on hello@newroots.org.uk
Web: http://www.newroots.org.uk/

What are we doing?

    * We are running a shop which is different.
    * We sell fruit and veg, wholefoods, snacks, Traidcraft, cards, local crafts - a rich and interesting variety.
    * All products are vegetarian. Many are vegan and organic.
    * Our purpose is not to make money, but to highlight a whole variety of issues.
    * Our concerns are raised by the products we sell, and involve wider issues of justice and peace.
    * We support people trying to make changes in their lifestyles.


    At both Glossop Road and Spital Hill there is a basement meeting room, available for use by anyone connected with the projects or by groups in sympathy with our aims. (At Spital Hill this is Burngreave Ashram, 29 Hallcar Street).

    Also at both places there is a Resident's Flat above the shop. This houses two or three people connected with the project or with the Ashram community.

How do we do it?

    * The shop is run entirely by volunteers. We make decisions collectively.
    * We are non-profit making. Profits go back into the project.
    * We aim to sell goods that
      - exploit neither people nor planet
      - encourage awareness of the ethical issues underlying shopping
      - are reasonably priced
      - offer an alternative to mainstream shops
    * We use the shop window as a campaign display area, producing displays ourselves and inviting other groups to do so. There is also display space inside the shop.

Who are we?

    We are people who care about the environment, ecology, healthy living and a wide range of justice issues. Anyone interested to associate themselves is invited to join the New Roots Association, which is a support group for projects. There is also a "shop meeting" at each shop, consisting of the volunteers.

    We are related to the Ashram Community Trust, which owns our premises. The Ashram Community is a small nationwide radical Christian group (Regd. Charity No: 290459), though members of all faiths and non co-operate in the shop.

    The story of the shop is told in New Roots: Shop for Justice, by Grace Vincent, price £1.00. This, and leaflets on the Ashram Community and booklets published by it are available at the shop.