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How to Move Home with Zero Stress

Posted on Monday, 23 December 2013 10:54AM by Artful Lodger
Perhaps this title is slightly misleading. After all, it probably isn't humanly possible to have an entirely stress-free house move, unless of course you could afford to pay people to do absolutely everything for you. And most of us aren't in that privileged category. But however inevitable stress  may be, there are some really good ways you can help to keep it to a minimum.

Get Organised Early

The best way to ensure that you are not faced with an incredibly stressful house move is to get organised as early as possible. Obviously you don't want to be fully packed weeks before you actually move, but starting to gather your things into orderly sections is a great start. Go through every room in your house and work out what needs to be thrown away , what can be sold and what you actually want to keep. It's a good idea at this point to accumulate as many packing boxes as possible, whether you order them from a professional moving service or collect second hand ones yourself from supermarkets. Next, file away all your important paperwork (to ensure that nothing is accidentally thrown away during the move) and notify all the relevant parties (gas company, electric, water, doctors, banks etc) of your intended move date and your new address.

Pay Professionals

Whilst you may not be able to afford professionals for every aspect of the move, they can be very useful in some areas. For example, you don't want to be worrying yourself with the legal paperwork associated with a move, when hiring a professional conveyancer from a company such as Quick Move Conveyancing will make this a much quicker and smoother process. Likewise it could be much easier to hire a professional moving company rather than attempting to move all of your possessions yourself. Naturally this will depend on your personal budget, but it is something definitely worth considering when trying to keep stress levels during the move to a minimum.

Stress Less

Though moving house will undoubtedly have its stressful moments, there are very practical ways of keeping this stress to a minimum. By organising yourself and your possessions as early as possible, and employing professionals to take care of some of the more difficult aspects of the move, you will ensure that the move to your new home will not be a filled with not induce too much anxiety.