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How to Get your Perfect Home

Posted on Thursday, 05 June 2014 01:08PM by Artful Lodger
The process of finding a property can be long and stressful for most, so we have found ways to help that can make this time more manageable for you, especially if you’re new to the property market.

Viewing a Property
Whether you’re renting or buying and have all the money in the bank you still need to charm the estate agent or landlord to choose you as the tenants they want to have at the property. If the estate agent or landlord have a lot of interest in the property you don’t want to lose out by appearing as a ‘bad choice’, so follow our tips on how to charm your way into your dream property.

Some landlords can be especially protective over their property as it is important for them to keep the house in a good condition and usually people have invested a lot of time and money decorating and running a house. Therefore they are more likely to screen applicants more strictly and quite rightly so, especially for desirable properties and private landlords. A viewing is important for both parties, don’t forget though that you may be judged during the appointment and this will be the first impression you give to your landlord.
Act as if you were going to see a landlord that you would be lodging with, you should try and impress in the same way you would in this situation to show that you will be a respectful tenant or tenants. If you are planning on living with a group of friends make sure that they have the same idea as you to appear in a positive way during a viewing or meeting. Have a look at the HomeLet website to see what estate agents will be looking out for.

Dealing with Landlords
Only ring landlords once you are aware of all the details so you don’t disturb them unnecessarily and you have the opportunity to ask all the right questions. Make sure these questions are only relevant and in regards to information that has been missed on the property or a query of application. Don’t ring the landlord too often or else they might be put off, thinking this is what they can expect if you were to become a tenant.

Be honest about your employment situation as in nearly all circumstances they will run credit checks on your history and apply for your employment references. If you are applying for student accommodation, you will usually only need to prove your place at the university with a confirmation letter, photo identification and proof of your right to live in the UK.
If you are planning on renting a property through a private landlord and are curious about your rights and responsibilities take a look online at Gov.uk .

Manage the Move
Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Research has proven from a survey of 1,000 people that moving is second below bereavement and considered even more stressful than divorce. It is always best to be prepared for every situation and have all the information you need, speak to friends and relatives about their experiences to gain more insight.