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How to Best Organise Viewings for Your Properties

Posted on Thursday, 30 July 2015 04:54PM by Artful Lodger
Whether you’re a private landlord or an accidental one, looking after just one property can be a time-consuming affair, let alone having four, five or more. When you’ve got good tenants it can be an easier ride, with only the odd leak or maintenance problem to deal with.

However, when you’ve got an empty property or tenants soon to move out then it can become a bit more chaotic. You’ll be keen to get fresh renters in as soon as possible which can mean a lot of time spent organising viewings but there are ways to make it run smoothly.     

Arrange Yourself
If you’re a controlling landlord then you’ll want to do all the viewings yourself to determine whether the tenants are suitable. Rather than organising viewings on an individual basis scattered around through the week try putting them altogether. Most people will be working and would prefer evening viewings, so taking round a big group at once is efficient. This can pose a few problems, possibly with everyone competing for the property.

Employ a Secretary
Individual viewings one after another may be more convenient and are the usual way of going about things. For landlords who work full-time in another role this can prove harder to organise around other commitments. It may therefore be easier to employ someone else to arrange and lead the viewings, especially if you own a number of properties. Either using a letting agency if you can’t cope or personally hiring someone to oversee properties will help.

Use the Rentr App
As a prospective tenant the process to view a property can be long, from showing interest to booking a viewing to arranging a good time, it can soon drag on. Using Rentr allows them to book directly with a landlord who can then arrange them for convenient times. It makes staying on top of all upcoming viewings simple and shows how many views each of your listings is receiving and any feedback provided.  

Download Landlord Rental Software
There are other landlord rental software options available which provide another way to bypass using a lettings agency. These are cheaper than employing someone else to look after your viewings and will email you directly when a potential tenant registers their interest. As with Rentr, most of these help you be fully aware of each viewing that is booked in and creates a quicker, more simplistic process for everyone.