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Furnishing a Rented Living Room

Posted on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 09:58AM by Artful Lodger
Tenants often have low expectations for the furnishings in rented homes , but landlords looking to attract a higher quality of renter should put the time and effort into decorating their property. If a house or flat is finished to a high standard, the tenant is more likely to take good care of the furnishings and fixtures. When showing your property to prospective renters, the first room they will usually see is the living room. Follow these simple tips for decorating a living room in a rented home and maximize your buy-to-let investment.

Think Comfort
A comfortable living room can be a real attraction to renters, so invest in a good sofa. Leather and fabric options are both popular choices, so make sure you buy from a high quality retailer like Shackletons . If you’re working with a limited budget, think about buying some soft beanbags and a throw to cover an old sofa or armchair. Your tenants will want to be able to invite friends over to sit in a living room that has plenty of seating.

Brighten It Up
Try re-vamping plain furniture by using stencils, or simply giving an old chair a lick of paint. Some renters prefer very plain properties that they can put their own stamp on, but showing that you’ve taken the time to decorate properly will make tenants feel more at home when they move in. If the living room doesn’t get a great deal of natural light, it’s worth investing in a couple of funky lamps that will brighten the space and provide a warm atmosphere on dark evenings.

Storage Solutions
Storage space can often be an issue in rented properties, so why not invest in some arty storage solutions? Modern shelving comes in so many different shapes and sizes that there will be something for every size of living room. Tenants will appreciate having plenty of free shelving to store books, ornaments and CD collections.

Although it might be tempting to leave the walls plain, hanging up a framed print can help create a homely atmosphere. If this isn’t to the taste of your tenant, they can always take it down and replace it with something of their own. You might also want to provide a few photo frames for tenants to put their own pictures in or add a bunch of fresh flowers on the day that your renters move in.