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Fulwood has a diverse choice of property. Fulwood’s oldest buildings are to be found close to Fulwood Road, and off Whiteley Lane and Brookhouse Hill. In the vicinity of Fulwood Sports Club, roads such as Slayleigh Lane, Chorley Road and Canterbury Avenue are dominated by imposing 1930s detached and semi-detached homes. The same can be said of many of neighbouring Stumperlowe’s leafy roads. Up on Hallamshire Road, the character of the properties changes. The spacious family houses in this part of Fulwood were built in the 1960s or 1970s. Above it, there are more streets of 1930s semis. At the top of Fulwood’s hill, close to the Hallamshire Golf Course, there are some modern homes, including blocks of flats.

Originally named after its “damp wood”, Fulwood is today a prosperous suburb at the western edge of Sheffield. Well out of the centre of old Sheffield, Fulwood’s waters promoted it to the status of spa in the 17th century, before it began to be developed as a residential area in the late Victorian era.

Fulwood is located in the sought-after S10 postcode area. There are handy local shops and cafes on Brookhouse Hill in Fulwood. The shops on Fulwood Road at Nether Green are also easily accessible. There is a Somerfield at Broomhill, five to ten minutes drive into town, which also has a good selection of interesting shops and cafes.

Like other western suburbs of Sheffield, Fulwood has crime rates below the city’s average.

Good schools are a key factor in attracting families to Fulwood. The primaries for Fulwood, Nether Green Junior and Hallam Primary, both score comfortably above the national average in Key Stage 2 tests. Tapton School, King Edward School and High Storrs School, Fulwood’s state secondary schools, also all have good reputations and results.

Fulwood’s Forge Dam was historically important to the local economy. It is one of a series of millponds on the Porter Brook and was used industrially in the production of iron goods. Today it is a peaceful spot for Fulwood’s residents to relax and feed the ducks. The Porter Valley is a green corridor along which it is possible to walk from Fulwood, at the edge of the Peak District, all the way to Endcliffe Park.

Fulwood has considerable family appeal, both for young families and those with older children. The all-important catchment areas for several good schools cover Fulwood. People are also drawn to Fulwood if they are looking for the quiet side of Sheffield life and because it is a safe suburb within easy reach of open countryside.

Traffic on the road into town can be busy, especially close to the University, at the junction with the ring road. Access to the Peak District is easy. Public transport is limited to buses.