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For when you don’t want to renew a lease

For when you don't want to renew a lease

DisagreementYou aren't under any legal obligation to renew a lease, unless there is a provision in that lease offering the option for the tenant to renew (piece of advice - never put that in a lease). Often when drawing up lease agreements, it's best to keep things simple and straightforward without any clauses that might affect your choices later on.

So how do you go about ensuring that those tenants you've been trying to get rid of don't hang around? If your intention is not to renew it, you need to act early and make preparation for this eventuality well in advance. To be honest, this is worth doing when the lease is actually signed at the beginning of the tenancy. Make a note on your planner, in your diary, on the kitchen notice-board or on the computer of a date preferably eight weeks in advance of the expiry of the lease so that you can assign time to deal with this. Be sure about whether you want to keep these tenants or not. Some may be excellent in which case renewal makes a lot of sense, others you will need to guide gently on their way.

Research has revealed that the majority of people start thinking about moving probably four to six weeks before they do anything about it. To keep track of this, it is recommended that you issue a notice or a letter to remind them that the lease agreement expires on a date in the not too distant future. This will enable those tenants who you would prefer to move on to address this reality. It pays to be well organised about this which is why you should keep a note on your planned to remind you to take action at the right time. There may be standard forms