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Finishing touches to entice new buyers

Posted on Thursday, 22 May 2014 07:19PM by Artful Lodger
The easiest part of putting a house or flat on the market is the initial decision to sell up. Next comes a fair bit of hard work as the house is spruced up, revamped and made-over until it looks miles better than any other house in the neighbourhood. The British real estate market is beginning to heat up after a long period in the doldrums, so right now is a good time to sell. All that's required is an appealing, well presented property that viewers fall instantly in love with. Here are some tried and tested tips and suggestions that will help show the property in its best light:

Clean sells

Take a look around and try and see the house through fresh eyes. If it's difficult to be objective, ask a good friend for an honest assessment of the pros and cons of the place. Is it clean? If there are pets in the house it is advisable to have it professionally cleaned prior to marketing as animal hair and grime can put buyers off. A deep clean of the property carried out by a team of professionals will make the house inviting with its sparkling surfaces and fresh scent, giving the place an instant edge over less pristine competition.

Neutral charms

Focus on achieving a home décor that is calm and neutral and has broad appeal. Apply a fresh lick of paint in neutral shades over loud wallpaper or strong colours – creams and off-white hues are best for bathing rooms in light and giving a clean and bright feel. Viewers like to be able to imagine themselves living in the property, so arrange furniture in an attractive way that helps them feel right at home. For an extra special touch, consider setting the dining table – accessorized with candelabras, crisp table linen and crystal wine goblets, it will provide subliminal aspirational cues to viewers as they discover the joys of your home.

Clear clutter

Clear away personal items that distract viewers as they tour the property. Clutter and mess not only makes the space seem smaller, it looks bad and detracts from the more positive aspects of the house. Aim for a relaxed but stylish ambience and consider accessorizing with a few well-chosen items, such as an elegant vase full of fresh flowers or a sumptuous throw over a comfy armchair.

Accentuate the positive

Highlight the best bits of the property and downplay the negatives. A large bay window should be celebrated with a dramatic window treatment or a reading nook – don't fill the space up so that nobody sees the potential of such an architectural plus. If the house has faults, don't mask them; simply draw the eye elsewhere to prettier parts wherever possible.

Beautiful on the outside

Make sure windows sparkle, the lawn is cut neatly and flower beds are well maintained. A glossy, freshly painted front door always makes a good first impression. Placing planters with colourful flowers by the door will further underline the impression that this house is well loved and looked after.

With a bit of planning and effort it is possible to positively influence property viewers. By keeping things clean, tidy, bright and beautiful, the chances of making a deal are greatly enhanced.