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Everything you need to know about wood flooring

Posted on Friday, 25 October 2013 12:36PM by Artful Lodger
Wooden floors are in high demand among homeowners young and old - and given the quality and elegance they offer, it's no surprise. If you're planning on fitting the surface in your abode and would like more information about your investment, then look no further, as we're able to answer your burning questions.

Why choose the flooring?
There are so many reasons why wood flooring is popular, but one of the main explanations is that it is so hard-wearing. You won't find materials stronger than solid wood or engineered wood and particularly if you have a family, you'll understand how important it is to be able to rely on a floor when running a household.
However, people don't just pick wood for their floors because of its sturdiness - they also select it after falling in love with its unrivalled beauty and rustic appeal. It can be purchased in a variety of warm and gorgeous shades to suit any existing design choices, whether you have a vintage theme in your home or a country decor.
As it is a natural and organic material, you'll also love owning a floor that has unique tree markings and a bespoke character. Why not head over to UK Flooring Direct to see what you could find for your home?

Looking after it
Wood flooring is a big investment, so it's important you look after it and protect it against everyday damage that can be caused by foot traffic or moving heavy objects. To keep it looking good as new, you could apply a lacquered or oiled finish that will give it a sophisticated sheen.
While solid wood flooring is water-resistant, on the whole liquids and wood do not go well together, so if you do spill something on your floor you must mop it up as soon as possible to avoid the quality of the material being impaired.
Your flooring may also be at risk of scratches or blemishes caused by dust, particularly if you have pets or regularly carry out DIY projects. The way to stop these from cropping up is to vacuum or sweep the wood as often as you can and, if needs be, sand it to smooth it out. Similarly, if you or anyone in your household owns a pair of high heels then you should always take these off before entering a room.

Where to lay the flooring
While wood floors look amazing in any room in the home, due to the fact they are not always water-resistant and can be quite sensitive you may want to only install them in busier spaces like the lounge or dining areas, where lots of people will gather but the chance of spillages is low.
The surface is also great for kitchens, particularly in houses where there is a country theme in place, as the traditional qualities of the wood add plenty of atmosphere and authenticity.
It is possible to install it in bathrooms, but you'll need to be careful not to get it too wet and it may be best to opt for engineered wood boards with a lacquered finish.