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Student Accommodation By Size Of Property

Being a student in Sheffield is an amazing opportunity;apart from the prestigious university, the city has a huge choice of bars, clubs and restaurants. Student living in Sheffield is also well catered for, offering students a diverse range of properties listed by geographical location and price. Whether you intend to share a house, are seeking an apartment with friends or are happily solo in a studio, student accommodation in Sheffield offers a variety of choices. Word of mouth helps, but your best bet is to familiarise yourself with the city, isolate the areas where student houses or flats are available and set yourself a budget and deadline. Student accommodation in Sheffield is very popular and places can fill up quickly. Use free papers, estate agent details and the Internet, specifically www.artfullodger.co.uk to help you in your search.

When deciding upon your student accommodation, it’s important to have a clear idea of your priorities. This information, coupled with your budget, will be instrumental in sourcing housing that suits everyone. For example, you may wish to find student accommodation near to the city centre, and all its amenities, saving the need for a car. Alternatively, it may be important for you to restrict your search for accommodation to a rural location for peace and quiet. Whatever your accommodation requirements, there is a wealth of information available from estate agents, property papers and of course, the Internet. Once you’ve drawn up a list of key points for your preferred accommodation, go and visit the areas where property matches. Since all accommodation can look different, it’s a great idea to visit in daylight and again in the evening to get a feel for the area.