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Student Accommodation By Development Name

Searching for student accommodation can be a nightmare at times, especially if you decide to look on your own outside of the University campus. There are both pro's and con's to using University accommodation and renting private student oriented buildings. The former allows you the flexibility of letting the University do the hard work for you, they will source your student accommodation, allocate you a room, give you detailed instructions on moving in and often have live-in wardens should you run into problems. They are also far more lenient should you encounter financial difficulties or have problems with your student accommodation during the academic year! This kind of student accommodation is highly recommended for your first year especially if you have never lived away from home before, staying in Halls of Residence will allow you to meet new people but still have the safety net of being looked after by your University should you need assistance with anything.

After their first year your atypical student will look for private
accommodation outside of University halls of residence. This can be a potential minefield and you must always be aware that things such as excessive noise, late rent payments, redocorating in your own "unique" tastes and other behaviour will not likely be tolerated out in the "real" world. Fortunately there are many agencies that specialise in student accommodation and almost bridge the gap between a completely private landlord and halls of residence. Generally you will be sharing with many other students but you will be allowed some flexibility in areas where a private landlord might not be so forgiving. Many students however find the flexibility and freedom of taking up their own lease with a private landlord far outweighs the benefits of staying in halls, so choose to get their student accommodation from an advertising landlord or a letting agency. Whatever method you choose Artful Lodger only lists the best student accommodation in the Sheffield area.