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Abbeydale & Totley

Abbeydale and Totley offer a vast array of different property types. Abbeydale Road up as far as Tesco has a number of reasonably large, but unexceptional Victorian terraces, usually with yards rather than gardens. These are popular with buy-to-let landlords who often rent them to the student market.

At Millhouses, Abbeydale Road and its surroundings are lined by spacious and desirable Victorian and Edwardian homes. Further on, Abbeydale Park has leafy streets of 1930s and more modern semis, as well as large detached modern houses and some bungalows.

Totley’s village origins can be seen in a handful of older farmhouses, cottages and houses that can be found in its oldest parts. Totley also has tasteful stone-built modern developments that blend in well with its older properties. There are some spacious detached homes, generally dating from the 1930s or later, in Totley Rise. It also has quiet 1970s cul-de-sacs and blocks of flats dating from similar eras. The properties available in New Totley are on the whole simple semis.

Generally, as you move out along Abbeydale Road towards the suburbs, properties become more modern. The road itself also changes along the way. Up as far as Tesco, Abbeydale Road is slightly edgy, ethnically mixed and crammed with antiques shops.

At Millhouses, Abbeydale Road abruptly takes on a salubrious, middle-class feel, which it maintains from this point on, later skirting Ecclesall Wood and passing the residential area of Abbeydale Park. Located at the far southwestern edge of Sheffield, Totley is a partial exception to the rule that properties become more modern as you move out to the suburbs. Totley was originally a Derbyshire village and was not incorporated into Sheffield until 1935. As a result it has some houses that date back hundreds of years. To this day, Totley has a semi-rural feel. In the environs of Totley Hall Lane, it still backs onto fields of sheep and cows.

New Totley and Totley Rise are distinct areas in addition to Totley itself. As you’d expect, Totley Rise is built on a hill and it offers wonderful views of the moors of the nearby Peak Dictrict, as well as plenty of fresh air. Crime rates drop in the suburbs, such as Abbeydale Park and Totley. The stretch of Abbeydale Road closest to the centre is most prone to street crime and burglary.

Of the local secondary schools for Abbeydale and Totley, Silverdale performs very well, with over three-quarters of its pupils gaining 5 or more GCSEs at grades A-C. King Ecgbert is also ahead of the city and national averages. Abbeydale Grange has more disadvantaged students. The primary schools in the more affluent west of the city, including Totley and areas off Abbeydale Road South, have few social problems and are generally sound.

Located off Abbeydale Road just beyond Millhouses Park, Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is a beautifully preserved cluster of historic buildings. Here it becomes possible to imagine the toil and sweat of those who once worked the furnaces of Sheffield’s steel industry.

Towards the city centre, the Abbeydale Roadarea is popular with students and less well-off families, with the exception of well-heeled Nether Edge to the west.
Further out, the suburban yet fairly sophisticated atmosphere of Millhouses attracts families and genteel types. Life become quieter yet again as you move further out, with quite a few of the older generation enjoying the peaceful pace of life of Abbeydale Park and Totley, as well as families.

Buses run up and down Abbeydale Roadto the city centre. Traffic can be jammed at busy times – not only in the rush hours, especially on Fridays, but also on Saturdays as cars pack the road, heading out of town to the Peak District.