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A Stress-Free Guide to Moving Home

Posted on Friday, 31 January 2014 01:39PM by Artful Lodger
The act of relocation, of moving everything you have accumulated over the space of a couple of years (or even a lifetime) from one home to an entirely new property, can be highly stressful. The reality of moving home is that however much we are looking forward to a fresh start in a new place, the hassle and inconvenience involved is substantial. Nevertheless, if you approach the situation prepared, the process of moving much more likely to go smoothly.
See it as an Opportunity
Use your move as the perfect opportunity to sort through the things you have. The majority of us are guilty of keeping a lot of unnecessary clutter around our houses, and this will become worryingly apparent when you start to pack things up. Try the four box approach, where you enter a room with four boxes and vow that everything in the room will be assigned to one box. There’s a box for rubbish, one for charity, one for relocation to another room in the house and one for keeping. This method guarantees that you will be ruthless with your belongings, and have less to do when it comes to packing.

Smart Packing
Ask local corner shops and supermarkets for cardboard boxes. They have them in abundance and should be more than happy to give them away. Start storing newspaper for wrapping all your breakables, including kitchen crockery and glassware. Heavy things should go at the bottom of boxes, and each box should be clearly labelled as to its contents and the room the items are from. This way it will be much easier to find things when you come to unpack.

Removal Matters
You can do the moving yourself if you don’t have a great deal of furniture, but most people use a professional removal company. They should be hired at least two weeks before you move and you should be prepared to shop around to find a certified firm that offers the best value quote. You should let the company know certain things in advance, so that there are no delays on the big day, including the amount of furniture and the number of boxes being moved, how to get to the new property and the time you want the team to arrive. Some people prefer to have some of their belongings relocated to a secure unit while they decorate the new property, and if you are considering this option, make sure the removal company has been informed.